Light is a living vibrant language which can transform the mundane to throw shadows, express emotions and create drama; and so becomes an art form that enhances our quality of life. Light is like an artist's brush that allows us to conjure forth from a blank canvas a vision of our thoughts, tastes and emotions.We are here to help our clients find that brush and with it to enhance their environment and express their creativity with colour and passion.

Vision Grand is a young and aspiring company with a mission to provide a selection of quality, artistic and modern designs to appeal to an astute and discerning clientele. We act as a bridge between our suppliers and clients facilitating communication between different languages and cultures and creating a unity of purpose.

As a team, we have over 30 years of experience and bring an abundance of knowledge and passion to deliver on a client's aspirations and expectations. Our collaboration with architects and interior designers has enabled us to assemble a magnificent collection of lighting fixtures, furniture and decorative inspirations. Our wide range of European products, for both commercial and residential environments, together with a comprehensive understanding of both European and Asian market trends enables Vision Grand to meet our clients' needs with the right products, at the right time, for the right place.

We offer our professional knowledge, the latest technologies and designs to assist and empower our clients to complete their projects and thus offer a total solution for their needs. Our clients are importers and wholesalers, we also help our clients by co-operating with architects and interior designers on their projects.

We are proud to be ambassadors and representatives for our European brands, and work closely with our clients to provide a high level of service and expert consultancy in the Asia Pacific region.